November 2016

Travel information provider Travel for Media (TfM) has signed its first radio contract, and will begin working with the Anglian Radio Group from the beginning of next year.

It is supplying a dashboard of public and private road source data, as well as live public transport information and embedded Tweets. The service also includes a feed of data for websites, while traffic information app services are being developed for early next year.

Anglian Radio will get the service in return for brand credits in each report.

“We’re delighted to be working with TfM,” says Anglian Radio Group’s Director of Broadcasting Jonathan Hemmings. “The travel information dashboard is an exciting product allowing our presenters to have a wide range of sources at their fingertips, and the TfM ideas on apps are a really exciting way for us to reach our audience in an innovative way. On top of this, our Sales team gets the opportunity to offer the premium advertising spots next to our travel reports to our own much-valued clients, spots which we know are keenly sought after by our local advertisers. Therefore, for us it’s a win-win.”

“Anglian Radio is a group which really understands and values local broadcasting,” says Paul Hutton, Operations Director of TfM, “and I know that traffic and travel is a vitally important part of their output both on air and on multimedia platforms. My business partner Nick Simmons and I are proud to be delivering this key content to them and we look forward to chatting to other radio customers who want to get new ways of receiving traffic information, without having to hand over valuable premium-placed spot advertising to third party suppliers.”

Travel for Media already supplies traffic information to Radioplayer’s innovative in-car hybrid radio solution. Anglian Radio’s service will begin on 1st January.

About Anglian Radio

Anglian Radio has five stations covering Norfolk, Suffolk and North Essex. They are The Beach, Dream 100, North Norfolk Radio, Radio Norwich 99.9 FM and Town 102. They reach more than 200,000 listeners with total weekly listening of almost two million hours (Rajar).