TfM adds Trafficmaster's range of information to its radio offering

February 2017

TfM is to add Trafficmaster traffic data into its information feed for media clients.

Trafficmaster was one of the first companies in the world to gather automatically traffic data using sensors and, as part of Teletrac Navman, Trafficmaster Traffic Services continues to provide high quality traffic information to leading car companies and mobile network operators.

Trafficmaster traffic data covers thousands of miles of the busiest roads in the UK and a team of traffic experts complement it with incident data gathered from police forces and other sources.

TfM’s Operations Director Paul Hutton says, “Trafficmaster’s data is proven to be first class and this reliable congestion information adds a significant extra level of quality to the already excellent information we receive from national and local government plus public transport operators. I am certain that by adding Trafficmaster traffic data to our service, we will inform radio listeners and help them to have happier, more reliable journeys.”

Teletrac Navman’s Strategic Market Development Director Craig Blount added, “By partnering with innovative traffic broadcast experts Paul Hutton and Nick Simmons, we believe that we have found the right formula and team to help us bring our content to the broadcast radio industry and we are looking forward to developing our partnership.”

Trafficmaster information will used by TfM’s radio clients who get traffic services without having to hand over valuable advertising inventory beside its peak-time reports.

TfM provides a dashboard of traffic information for broadcasters as well as feeds for station websites.

About Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman is a multinational telematics company leveraging 25 years of experience to help fleets boost revenue and lower operating costs. We equip businesses with advanced data tools for location tracking, fuel monitoring, reporting, safety and compliance, all via one powerful, user-friendly platform.

We are devoted to providing accurate and precise data secured by the strongest protection and controls. These tools and methods improve business’ bottom line and help them stay competitive. Teletrac Navman currently tracks nearly 500,000 vehicles owned by over 40,000 organisations on six continents, making us one of the world's largest fleet management providers.

Through of UK subsidiary Trafficmaster Traffic Services we maintain a unique network of traffic monitoring sensors, generating high quality real-time traffic information on the UK motorway and trunk roads. Live traffic information is provided to customers via RDSTMC, premium rate telephone services, the internet and various data feeds.